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Logos + Systems

I usually approach brand design by answering three questions:

  • How do we want to be perceived?

  • What makes us different?

  • Who is this for?


My ideal brand system is innovative enough so to make the product/service stand out in the market, while not so different that it alienates the target audience. 

Coffee Time

Brand Redesign

In this college project, we chose an existing well-known brand and transformed it to resolve a public-perception issue it currently faces. My redesign of Coffee Time was inspired by Toronto's indie café scene. With this logo and hand-drawn floral pattern, Coffee Time suddenly seems much more comfortable and friendly!

Krimmi | Integrated Marketing Campaign

The Integrated Marketing Campaign (IMC) was a semester-long project that simultaneously spanned across all of our courses. Our challenge was to conceptualize and design a CBD product, and develop all marketing materials necessary for its launch. 

My group and I presented 'Krimmi' - a CBD-infused mochi ice cream line. Its clear influences from Chinese culture come through in the traditional cloud patterns and origami-styled packaging.

Krimmi Ads - Posters
Glamour shot
Krimmi's Logo
Krimmi Sales Brochure
Krimmi Ad - Bus Stop
Krimmi's Website
Krimmi Sales Brochure
Krimmi's Website
Packaging Dyelines
Krimmi Sales Brochure

TaiPei | Signage Design

The redesign of an existing city's tourism brand was focused on experiential design - the design of practical signage and their assets. We were tasked with developing a brand for the city in accordance to market perception, and then designing a mobile tourism app and signage to go with that set.

I decided to have a little fun with the app, and explored unconventional header shapes. While certainly 'groovy', I concede it's not the most practical of designs I've submitted. But it did open my mind to new possibilities!

Bonus Pieces

album cover.png
smalller logo thumb.png
Personal Branding Exercise
Krimmi Logo
EverGreen Logo
Rocket Quote Animated Logo
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