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Magazines + Booklets + Brochures

In my opinion, print is the most free canvas for design. That said, the purpose and information hierarchy are still the priorities, so it proves an interesting challenge regardless.

Herbal Magazine


This was a really fun project to work on, because print always allows for a high degree of freedom on the pages. It gave me the chance to experiment with lots of font and colour pairings, textures, accents, and rich photography.

Check it out! 

(you can flip the pages)


Cover & Feature Article

KPI Booklet

Client Playbook

These booklets (designed for Three Point Turn) are sometimes given out to clients at Three Point Turn as part of the project proposal process.

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KPI Dashboards

Sales Pamphlet

These sales brochures advertise Three Point Turn's business dashboard services. I presented information as visually as possible to make very complicated and technical processes more than just digestible - eye-catching!


Pamphlet Redesign

The challenge in this mini college assignment was to design a large amount of copy into a tri-fold brochure without any photography. 

I aimed for a fresh, clean finish. The cursive fonts are complimented by line drawings, while calming colours represent the company in a trustworthy way.

Artist Showcase

Booklet Design


Okay, this one was fun!

Normally, my designs serve a corporate purpose. 'Sleek and accessible' is the goal there. And so, this mini college assignment was a place where I could push the boundaries of where innovative design meets sending a message. 

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