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Study Bunny

As a final project for my Masters' Degree, I completely redesigned 'Study Bunny', an app that gamifies studying for students. Users earn coins while a study-timer runs, with which they may buy their bunny accessories and food. Following market and user research, it was the priority to make Study Bunny visually appealing, and add variation to its otherwise repetitive gameplay loop.


This project followed an iterative, Agile workflow.

  • Market & User Research

  • Brand audit on the original Study Bunny

  • User Testing (4 rounds)

  • UI & UX Design

  • Prototyping

Check it out yourself to see it live! 

Gamifying Studying for Students

Figma Prototype

 It's very heavy on assets, so please give it a minute to load, thank you! 


My Design Process

from start to finish

This video covers my case study, but if you prefer to look through it at your own pace, you can find the slides below.

Enjoy :)

Videos of the Features

Study Bunny's basic user journey

New study mode: Adventure

Chatting with friends & groups

New & improved home screen

New study mode: With Friends

Leaderboards & streaks

Pausing your bunny's hunger meter

Case Study Slideshow

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