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Mobile Apps + Websites

With 4 years' experience in UX and UI design, I have strong skills in user research, ideation, design, and iterative user testing.

When I plan the functionalities and flow of a digital space, I put myself in the shoes of the future user and ensure the product stands out in its respective market.

Study Bunny

Gamifying Studying for Students

As a final project for my Masters' Degree, I completely redesigned 'Study Bunny', an app that gamifies studying for students. Users earn coins while a study-timer runs, with which they may buy their bunny accessories and food. Following market and user research, it was the priority to make Study Bunny visually appealing, and add variation to its otherwise repetitive gameplay loop.


Connecting Parents to Daycares

This case study documents the stages from start to finish of a UX project I completed for my Masters' degree. I chose to create a home-daycare app that connects parents and small independent daycares, and did a user-centric design for both user types. This project followed an iterative, Agile workflow.

Bunzy | App

Exploring Motion Design with a Food App

Done for my MA at Falmouth University, 'Bunzy' was my chance to refine my motion design skills in Figma. I illustrated and designed all the assets and screens as well.

When illustrating and choosing the typeface, I decided upon an organic theme. The colour scheme is reminiscent of the indulgence of burgers, but remains light and fresh. 

Pollen | App

Gamify your plant care tasks! Pollen rewards you for being a good plant-parent with a currency reward system, and fun competitions within your community!

Look up health issues with your plant, keep a photo album of your plant as it grows, and get handy to-do lists for your daily plant-care tasks.

Romspen | Website

During my internship at Three Point Turn, I redesigned a corporate client's landing page.

Bonus Pieces

PET Website
Vault App
Krimmi's Website
Three Point Turn's (old) website
Three Point Turn's (old) Website
TaiPei Tourism App
Chekbox Organizer App
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